an auction and appraisal service at your fingertips


  1. What kinds of things can be auctioned?   Almost everything under the sun! (some restrictions apply to certain items: weapons for example have government guidelines which must be met.)

  2. Does selling by auction mean a contract?   Yes.  A2A Auctioneers protects all customers by providing  a complete copy of all items to be offered in plenty of time to be reviewed before the auction date.

  3. Does A2A have Appraisal service?   Yes, A2A Auctioneers can offer this service to you. While experience teaches us a great deal, unusual items may best be auctioned by drawing on the expertise of others; we also contact major dealers , collectors and other auctioneers in Canada, the United States and Europe for additional information about your special items.

  4. How soon after an auction do I get paid?   A2A pays promptly; usually within 5 working days.

  5. Do I need to be there when  you auction my items?  A2A  Auctioneers can arrange for all aspects of the auction from the first time you call to the cheque deposit or signing. You do not need to be 'on site' but you are welcome. In either case you will receive the closing copy of the original contract and a direct copy of each  and every sales slip for all items auctioned. These will be attached to your cheque. In this way we account to you for each item plus its selling price. You can check all calculations or know how well each item fared.